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  1. ​​​How long does it take to receive my film?
    We typically send the final film within 1 week of filming your event, in some exceptional circumstances, this can be delayed for a few more days depending on our workload, days of shooting, etc. We do however have a fast-turnaround service, where you can receive the final film within 3 days for an extra £59.
  1. Can I order additional services?
    We love to consider all types of events. Hence, you may find it useful to know about additional services we provide If 30 minutes doesn't cover your event, you can book additional filming time at the base rate of £60 per hour. The regular delivery time is one week, you can however request an urgent 3 day delivery for £59. In addition, you can purchase a photo slideshow for £30, photos on a memory stick for £12 and photo prints starting from £5 a picture (price varies depending on the size wanted).
  1. What about copyright?
    We retain a limited copyright on the footage. This does not entitle us to use it for any commercial purposes whatsoever, except selling it to you. We will not show, market, distribute or otherwise allow your footage to be used for anything other than your films, unless a separate agreement is made. We retain copyright due to the creative input and long hours we dedicate to every single job. However, if you would like to own the copyright, we have established a pre-agreed rate of £300. If you would like a copy of the raw footage, please buy the copyright.
  1. Do you edit video footage filmed by other people?
    Yes. If you own some material about your holiday or special event, we can produce a film for you from your footage. We will check the footage and come back to you within 24 to 48 hours to agree on a plan of action. Just get in touch with our team!
  1. When and how do I make payment?
    We ask for a 50% deposit in order to book a date, and for the remaining balance to be paid after the filming session. The best way to pay us is via bank transfer. Our account details will be on an invoice that we will send you.
  1. Are there any extras?
    Booking on weekends are subject to a £15 surcharge. Travel within London zones 1 to 3 is included in our fees. Beyond that, travel costs are extras that we charge, this may consist of train tickets or taxis depending on the scenario.
  1. What does the base price involve?
    Our £95 base price includes filming up to 30 minutes, editing and sound effects. The final product is then delivered within 1 week.
  1. Do you charge VAT?
    No, we do not have to charge VAT.
Other questions
  1. What is your cancellation policy?
    We have to charge a fee for short notice cancellations to compensate for lost bookings. If you need to cancel please make sure you give us a ring rather than text or email. If you cancel less than a week before the event, your deposit will not be refundable. If you cancel more than a week in advance, we will return 20% of the deposit.
  1. What if my footage is lost or if you fail to show up at my event after I've paid?
    In the unlikely event that we need to cancel, or in the event of the footage being lost, our liability is limited to a full refund of any fees paid. We have no liability for replacement services.
Other enquiries
For all other enquiries, please do not hesitate to send a message. We aim to reply within 24 hours.
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